Brief of COMPANY

E. Karamaneas & Co. is the solo company on its field in Greek market. Located near Athens Greece and continuing to specialized for second decade as solo specialists in the manufacturing of any kind off-load tap changers for oil-immersed Transformers from 50kVA up to 16MVA, 10, 20 kV up to 60 kV, and from 10A up to 1250A.

Established 1987 ,continues to follow the steps on its founder till nowadays. The founder George Karamaneas, who for over fifty years has operated, developed and specialized in the manufacturing of Cutting and Forming Dies, Injection and Die-Cast Moulds but also giving Technical Solutions by Designing and Constructing Semi-Automated and Automated Machines or Apparatus, that intended in the increase of the productivity - in very certain way i.e. as Production of Quality Products too - for Greek as International Industries too.

Company's history has been on of continues investments, positive results and constant growth. Corporate Strategy in long experience, emphasis on Quality and Corporate's Policy on Satisfying Individual Customer Needs (S.I.C.N.) of each one of our valued customers, have award us as a respected Company name in Greece as well as abroad.

Quality long-life as a construction principle.
Based on the same principals of the founder today E. Karamaneas & Co. has earned the reputation for the manufacturing of high quality products backed by superior customer service. The know-how is the result of well proportioned experiences, in which the operating in quality guarantee has played the most vital role. Our colleagues form a homogeneous team that invests its knowledge and energy on behalf of our firm on a daily basis.

The design principles and manufacturing methods in operation have been proven over many years. Our products therefore characterised by a high degree of operating safety. Thus ,customers can expect Tap-Changer (DETC i.e. De-Energized Tap-Changer) use an extremely long working life. The use of only the highest-quality manufacturing materials for our long-lasting Tap-Changers attach great value on a robust construction. Based on working Quality with valued Quality materials the outcome is lower Operating Cost. The result: Maximum availability of Tap-Changers at low maintenance costs.

Thus, all of Tap-Changers characterised by:

All products comply with all National and International Standards and Requirements, particularly IEC, DIN, VDE, CENELEC, ENEL e.t.c.

Based strongly, on the commitment to Quality the Firm has positioned itself to be the premiere supplier of Quality products to meet the demanding needs of today's marketplace while adapting to the dynamic changes of tomorrow.

Today E. Karamaneas & Co. continues to cultivate its values of Innovation and Quality in the Transformer equipment where its knowledge and seriousness are recognized among valued clients in Europe, Middle East, and Asia.