Our know-how is the result of well proportioned experiences, in which the operating in quality guarantee has played the most vital role. If E. KARAMANEAS & Co. has today achieved a production that does not fear any international competition, merit is to be given above all to the operative and managerial flexibility of its founder, George Karamaneas, who has always operated with great commitment and conscious responsibility, with the support of efficient collaborators.

  In spite of advanced technology and highly efficient data, our company counts on the most valuable factor - its workers, human beings - in order to meet the highest demands. Our colleagues form a homogeneous team that invests its knowledge and energy on behalf of our company on a daily basis.

The design principles and manufacturing methods in operation have been proven over many years. Our products are therefore characterised by a high degree of operating safety. Thus our customers can expect  tap-changer use an extremely long working life.

We only use high-quality manufacturing materials for our long-lasting tap-changers and attach great value on a robust construction. And why? Well, the higher the level of material and working quality, the lower the operating costs. The result: Maximum availability of tap-changers at low maintenance costs. Our tap-changers characterised by:



 We are pleased of our customer reference list which includes Greek and multi national companies with high quality standards such as: AREVA ,SCNHEIDER ELECTRIC,e.t.c.